NEET MDS 2018 User Manual


User Manual for Neet Mds 2018:

Step 1: Visit the URL for accessing the neet mds 2018 home page and therefore Click on neet mds 2018 Button then login page will appear.

Step 2: Candidate has to click on new registration link for new registration or Enter Candidate id and Password which has been received by the candidate after completion of registration.

Registration page for Neet MDS 2018:

Step 3: After Clicking New Registration Section, hence candidate has to select on ‘Click Here’ link then a new page will appear.

Step 4: It will show instruction page, Candidate has to read all the instructions and then hit ‘Proceed Button’.

Step 5: After Clicking ‘Proceed Button’, a new instruction page will appear and applicant  has to read all the instructions carefully and then click on ‘Proceed again’.

Step 6:Candidate has to enter Personal details, Address details, ID Proof details and Contact details and hence accept declaration.

Step 7: Now Candidate has to click on ‘Save and Proceed’ button or ‘Save and Exit button’ if they want to complete the form later.

Neet MDS 2018 Id generation & change password:

Step 8: After this candidate Id will be generate, therefore SMS & email will be sent to the registered Mobile and Email address entered . neet mds 2018, neet mds 2018, neet mds 2018, neet mds 2018, neet mds 2018, neet mds 2018. 

8,Step 9:  A new page will appear, it will be a change password page. Using password which has been

received at the time of registration, candidate has to compulsory change the password.

Step 10: As candidate will click on ‘update button’, a password change notification will appear, then select the ‘OK button’ to proceed with login page.

Step 11: An Applicant has to enter user id, password and Enter Captcha code, and then click on ‘Login button’.

Step 12: Candidate can view details entered earlier and if anything is needed to update or change then it can be done using ‘Edit button’.

Qualification Details Fill-Up Form  Neet MDS 2018:

Step 13: Otherwise click on ‘Proceed’ button to enter qualification details and proceed.

Step 14: A new Qualification page will appear and hence Candidate has to enter all mandatory details such as:
 i. Educational Qualifications details
 ii. Academic details
 iii. Internship details
 iv. Medical Registration details

Step 15: Then click on ‘Save &Proceed’ button, therefore a confirmation message would be displayed on the screen, therefore click on OK button for Payment.

Payment Page for Neet MDS 2018:

Step 16: Candidate can view multiple payment mode, one can also check availability of seats in different cities.

Step 17: After Checked city choice candidate and has to click on Online Gateway link and submit fees using:
a) Credit Card.
b) Debit Card.
c) Net banking.

Step 18: Select the payment mode and then click on ‘PAY NOW’ button and confirmation will appear.

Step 19: Click on ‘OK button‘ after reading the message and then enter details.

Step 20: Enter Card details as required, and click on ‘Pay now’.

Step 21: Click on ‘Proceed button’ for next step.

Upload Images for Neet MDS 2018:

Step 22:  New page will appear for uploading photo, signature and thumb impression.

Step 23: Using this panel candidate has to upload Photo, Signature and Thumb impression.
Photo, Signature and Thumb Impression Uploading Confirmation

Print Application Form:

Step 24: Click on Accept all button, a new page will appear. It is Print Form Page and you can print the form from here.

Step 25: Select Print button to print the application form and therefore click on Submit button to complete the process.

For Exam dates and other info- Click here

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