NBDE Part 2

NBDE PART 2 Examination

The NBDE Part 2 has nine discipline areas: endodontics, operative dentistry, oral & maxillofacial surgery, oral diagnosis, orthodontics-pediatric dentistry, patient management, periodontics, pharmacology, and prosthodontics. Test items in these nine areas are intermixed throughout the examination. All items on the NBDE Part 2 are in the multiple-choice format. The examination has both independent discipline-based items (80%) and case-based items (20%). A case consists of a group of items associated with a patient. You will find enough details on this website, and even more you will have all scoring pattern and syllabus available on this website. You will get a direct link to register for NBDE part 2 exam using your dentpin which is to register and therefore act as an identification of a candidate.

Please find below the pattern of NBDE part 2 exam and therefore you can start planning. This will help you in building strategy and therefore assist you in scoring better. Candidate appearing for NBDE part 2 exam needs to prepare himself with different strategy and therefore be smart. You should focus more on the strong topics and can chose the best topics in which you do not have a good control. To help you for this we will help you with the syllabus, sample questions and even scoring pattern.

NBDE PART 2 Pattern:
Day 1
Optional Tutorial 15 minutes
Multiple Choice Test items
(approximately 200 items)
3.5 hours
Optional scheduled Break 1 hour
multiple choice test items
(approximately 200 items)
3.5 hours
Day One Total 8 hours 15 minutes
Patient Case Problems
(100 Case-based items)
3.5 hours
Optional Post-examination Survey 15 minutes
Day Two Total 4 hours
Grand Total (Day One and Two): 12 hours 15 minutes

National Board Dental Examination Part 2 Tutorials are designed in such a way so that every candidate can have good practice with the format of the questions on the examination. Candidates that obtaining or sharing confidential, unreleased examination content violates Examination Regulations and therefore carries significant penalties. We will upload enough study material for NBDE Part 2 exam and therefore one can practice them and feel confident. Candidate can download the practice sets from the site and even ask if they have any doubts or need some help. NBDE part 2 exam is creating a all new world of success for many aspirant across the world. You may also check  NBDE Part 2 Question Bank.

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NBDE PART 2 for International Students:

International Dentist Applying for Examination and dental practice should contact the dental board of the specific state in which you wish to obtain license to determine individual state requirements regarding the practice of dentistry. State board contact information is at the American Association of Dental Boards website. It is because every state have different criteria and therefore it should get verify. There are lots of opportunity for International dentist in United States as it is one of the high demand profession.

There are multiple openings with highly lucrative packages and there only thing that you need is mastery. Sky is the limit for those who believes in their caliber, potential and therefore always ready to achieve new heights. All International dentist needs to focus on their communication skills and in addition to their personality. This will prove as key to success, the more confidence you are, more the chances of success. NBDE part 2 syllabus is also available

What is the Scoring Pattern of NBDE Part 2 exam?

Candidates gets a scores on a curve or comparison to others but against a set standard. Results for the NBDE Part 2 will appear as pass/fail only. A candidate whose results is “pass” understands important information from basic biomedical, dental, and dental sciences. Results are declared 3-4 weeks after your appointment for NBDE part 2. You will get an e-mail regarding your NBDE part 2 Results.

Retest and refund for NBDE Part 2 exam:

There are is no refund policy and therefore amount once paid will not get refund. However one can always give a retest. One should wait for 90 days time and can apply for re-examination. After applying for re-scheduling you will get an e-mail stating instructions.

To Apply for NBDE Part 2 :- Click here

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