NBDE Part 2 Syllabus

NBDE Part 2 Syllabus:

The NBDE Part 2 Syllabus has nine discipline areas: endodontics, operative dentistry, oral & maxillofacial surgery, oral diagnosis, orthodontics-pediatric dentistry, patient management, periodontics, pharmacology, and prosthodontics. Test items in these nine areas are intermixed throughout the examination. All items on the NBDE Part 2 are in the multiple-choice format. The examination has both independent discipline-based items (80%) and case-based items (20%).

A case consists of a group of items associated with a patient. Please find below the pattern of NBDE part 2 exam and therefore you can start planning. This will help you in building strategy and therefore assist you in scoring better. Candidate appearing for NBDE part 2 exam needs to prepare himself with different strategy and therefore be smart. You should focus more on the strong topics and can choose the best topics in which you do not have a good control.

NBDE Part 2 syllabus, Discipline-Based Component
(400 Questions)
NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, Discipline-based component are from the following Segments:
1. Endodontics
2. Operative Dentistry
3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/
Pain Control
4. Oral Diagnosis
5. Orthodontics/Pediatric Dentistry
6. Patient Management
7. Periodontics
8. Pharmacology
9. Prosthodontics


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NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, Case-Based Component
(100 Questions)
The case-based component of the NBDE Part 2 Syllabus is of more or less dealing practical patients. The cases are designed in a way to include the following approximate
distribution: adult patients (70%), child patients (30%). A minimum of 15% of component B will test our knowledge in a broad way, compromised adults and children. A compromised patient is a person whose health status  requires modification of standard treatment. Each case in the examination consists of:
1. synopsis of a patient’s health and also social histories,
2. patient dental charting,
3. diagnostic radiographs, and also
4. clinical photographs of the patient.
Each case contains from 10 to 15 questions about various aspects of this patient’s dental care. These questions totaling 100 across all cases and are therefore from any of the biomedical disciplines. The proportion stemming from any particular discipline depends upon the nature of the case itself. For example, the case of an elderly adult might be based upon Maxillofacial Surgery/Pain Control, Prosthodontics, and Operative Dentistry; whereas, a child’s case might derive from Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, and in addition Patient Management. In responding to case-based items, the candidate must:
1. interpret the findings and also information provided.
2. identify problems and also make diagnoses.
3. select materials, technique, and armamentarium.
4. apply treatment.
5. evaluate progress and complications.
6. establish procedures for prevention and maintenance.

Details of NBDE Part 2 Syllabus Pattern:-

NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, ENDODONTICS  [31 Ques]
Topic Of NBDE Part 2 Syllabus No. of Ques
Clinical Diagnosis, Case Selection, Treatment Planning, and even Patient Management 19
Basic Endodontic Treatment Procedures 7
Procedural Complications 1
Traumatic Injuries 1
Adjunctive Endodontic Therapy 1
Post-Treatment Evaluation 2
NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, OPERATIVE DENTISTRY [44 Ques] 
Examination, Diagnosis, & Treatment Planning 27
Dental Caries 8
General Operative Procedures 3
Preparation of Cavities 3
Restoration of Prepared Cavities 3
Surgery 15
Anxiety and Pain Control 3
Medical Assessment and Emergency Care 19
Treatment Plan 6
Diagnosis 4
NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, ORAL DIAGNOSIS [45 Ques]
Oral Pathology 35
Oral Radiology 10
 Individual Tooth Pathology 15
Supporting Tissue Pathology 8
 Dentofacial Variations 9
 Behavior 10
 Systemic Pathology 10
NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, PATIENT MANAGEMENT [51 Ques]
Communication and Interpersonal Skills 9
Anxiety and Pain Control 5
Health Behavior Change 3
Disabled and Medically Compromised 5
Epidemiology 8
Prevention of Oral Diseases 1
Evaluation of Dental Literature 5
Infection Control 2
Materials and Equipment Safety 1
Professional Responsibility/Liability 12
NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, PERIODONTICS [48 Ques]
Diagnosis 7
Etiology 4
Pathogenesis 1
Treatment Planning 8
Prognosis 1
Therapy 20
Prevention and Maintenance 7
NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, PHARMACOLOGY [31 Ques]
General Principles 6
Central Nervous System 4
Autonomic 2
Cardiovascular 2
Local Anesthetics 3
Chemotherapy 5
Endocrines/Immunosuppressants 2
Analgesics 5
Antihistamines and Autocoids 2
NBDE Part 2 Syllabus, PROSTHODONTICS [51 Ques]
General Considerations 22
Complete and Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontics 10
Fixed Partial Prosthodontics 19
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Concept of NBDE part 2 syllabus and even more general details:

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