NBDE Part 1 Syllabus Pattern

The NBDE part 1 Syllabus Pattern and NBDE part 1 Course consist of 400 multiple choice questions which are evenly spread into: Anatomic Sciences, Biochemistry Physiology, Micro biology, Pathology, and Dental Anatomy and at last Occlusion. You will find enough details on this website, also you will get a direct link to register for NBDE Part 1 exam using your dentpin which is to register and therefore act as an identification of a candidate.

Please find below the NBDE part 1 Syllabus Pattern and NBDE part 1 Cousre so that you can start planning. This will help you in building strategy and therefore assist you in scoring better. Candidate appearing for NBDE part 1 exam needs to prepare himself/Herself with different strategy and therefore be smart. You should focus more on the strong topics and can choose the best topics in which you do not have a good control.

NBDE PART 1 SYLLABUS Pattern / NBDE Part 1 Course:-

NBDE Part 1 syllabus Pattern / NBDE Part 1 course 
BIOCHEMISTRY-PHYSIOLOGY NBDE Part 1 Syllabus Pattern: 100 Question.
Biological Compounds. 10
Metabolism. 17
Molecular and Cellular Biology. 9
Connective Tissues. 8
Membranes. 4
Nervous System. 6
Muscle. 6
Circulation. 9
Respiration. 6
Renal. 8
Oral Physiology. 3
Digestion. 5
Endocrines. 8
Professional Ethics/Patient Management. 1
ANATOMIC SCIENCES NBDE Part 1 Syllabus Pattern: 100 Question.
Gross Anatomy. 49
Histology. 23
Oral Histology. 16
Developmental Biology. 11
Professional Ethics/Patient Management. 1
MICROBIOLOGY-PATHOLOGY NBDE Part 1 Syllabus Pattern: 100 Question.
General Microbiology 20
Reactions of Tissue to Injury 10
Immunology (at least 3 on oral immunology). 13
Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology of Specific Infectious
Diseases (at least 8 on oral diseases).
Systemic Pathology. 22
Growth Disturbances 12
Professional Ethics/Patient Management 1
DENTAL ANATOMY & OCCLUSION NBDE Part 1 Syllabus Pattern: 100 Question
Tooth Morphology 43
Pulp Cavity Morphology 5
Calcification and Eruption. 6
Principles of Occlusion and Function 37
Clinical Considerations—Tooth Morphology and Anomalies. 8
Professional Ethics/Patient Management. 1

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Concept of NBDE part 1 syllabus pattern and even more general details:

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