NBDE Part 1 Result Scores

The NBDE Part 1 result Scores helps the state in selection of professionals who seek license to practice dentistry or dental hygiene. The exam focuses on topics from biomedical and even dental science in addition to applying this information to practical situations.

NBDE Part 1 Results Scores and Pattern:

NBDE Part 1 comprises of 400 test questions and these are therefore more related to practical types of scenarios.

The NBDE Part 1 is a criterion-based examination, the minimum score needed is calculated by experts through standard-setting activities. A candidate’s total score is determined by the total number of answers that a candidate marks correct. The total score is then converted to a scale score, which adjusts for any minor differences and variations in difficulty level across NBDE Part 1 forms. It is the best possible way to avoid any discrepancy.

If you’ve just taken the NBDE Part 1, or are planning to take the NBDE, Probably you may be wondering about the NBDE Part 1 Result scores range. In this examination the results display only pass and fail statement without divulging the scores. If a candidate scores more than 75, the status is pass and where as if he scores anything less than this it automatically displays fail. . With respect to candidates who took this test prior to 2012, the system will still display the exact score obtained.


It usually takes three to four weeks for the results to come out. The results are available on the official website of NBDE part 1 result Scores by logging in to the My Account Summary page. If a candidate chooses to sign the application who’s enrolled in an accredited dental school gives express permission to provide results to the dean of the dental school automatically.
Results are communicated to other colleges and therefore if permission is granted in the form of a results report request from the candidate. If misconduct has occurred in a past administration, the results report may contain information concerning the incident.

When you have the reports, one can place request to let other entities have additional reports. The additional reports are generally verified on daily basis. The progress and other information are accessible by logging in to My Account. The Department of Testing Services will provide a history of your most recent and previous results for the NBDE Part 1 and NBDE Part 2 to state boards of dentistry and additional recipients.

NBDE PART 1 RESULT Scores, Recheck and Audit:

Before NBDE part 1 announces the results an auditing process takes place and as a result all the results are thoroughly checked. If anyone wishes to request a recheck, you can do it by a nominal fees and normally takes about six weeks to complete the procedure. The application for reconsideration time-frame is within thirty days. You should raise the request and it will be processed and you will be notified. We hope that you will not require to raise a recheck request and therefore you will have best nbde part 1 results in a one go. All the best for your exams and wish  you a successful results.

The NBDE Part 1 result scores are used for following purposes:

1. Postgraduate applications
2. Admissions to Dental School for AP students
3. State Boards
4. Graduation requirements
5. School ranking
6. Drive curricular change
7. Individual subject performance compared to national data
8. In schools without GPA

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Concept of NBDE part 1 result scores and even more general details:

NBDE Examination is the dream exam of many doctors around the world and therefore dentistry practice in US and is one of the highest paying job. Many aspirants have a dream of practicing their dental career in US and therefore this is the platform that will help you to attain your goals.

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Soon we will be posting new updates, and as a result stay connected. In case of any query, comment and we will be glad to assist you further. In coming post you will find all the details and therefore more information on NBDE PART 1, Nbde part 1 syllabus and Nbde Part 2 All the very best for examination and most of all be smart and hence success will be yours. Once again ALL THE BEST and have great NBDE Part 1 result Scores. Remember its hardwork mixed with smart work that will bring successful NBDE Part 1 result scores. All the best for your exams and also have a successful career.

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